Takiro's Art and Stuff

I'm Takiro, amateur digital artist who paints fluffy, scaly and feathery creatures of any kind, like animals, dragons, Pokemon or ponies from My little Pony.

My favorite theme is Fantasy and everything related while using various styles from cartoony to Anime but mostly painterly.

For my works I only use free and open source software like Krita, Blender or Manjaro-Linux.

Banner image showing various artworks. A fox casting a spell. A pony playing video games. A fox stuck between thwo small trees with the staff in his moutn. A Pegasus flying through the blou sky and a goat like wizard creature taking books from a shelf in a library.

Where to find me

Social Media

Currently my social media presence is exclusively on Meow.social. It's a Mastodon instance I post artworks to and also general announcements, like for commissions or art trades.

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FurAffinity Gallery

This is my most complete online gallery. You can find my latest and also old artworks here. Unfortunately FurAffinity doesn't allow high resolution uploads so most of the artworks don't have their best quality.

View my FA gallery

Itaku Gallery

Itaku is a fairly new gallery site but it allows for higher resolution uploads which means my artworks are better quality here. I just joined them recently and it doesn't have all my old artworks but I plan to make it my main art site for the future.

View my Itaku gallery

Ko-fi Donations

Ko-fi is a site to support artists similar to Patreon. If you my works you can send me a small monetary treat there. It also has a gallery of my latest artworks in good quality.

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Occasionally I make recordings of my paintings and upload time‑lapses to YouTube. This will probably replaced by another service like PeerTube at some point but for now you can watch me here.

Watch me on YouTube


Picarto is a streaming site like Twitch but with a focus on art. It's been a while since I last used it but I plan to stream more again in the future.

Watch me on Picarto

Art Fight

The annual art trading game for artists. If you're interested in art trades with me, this is where you can go. Profiles on this site are not public but my artworks in my other galleries as well.

Attack me on Art-Fight


Krita ist the FOSS painting software I use and I'm also quite active in their community. Here I try to help new users and artists and also post some of my artworks in addition to general art and Krita related discussions.

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